At their LogiMAT stand, RAVAS will focus on order picking and forklift safety. Errors in order picking mean lost or returned goods, stock differences, credit notes, phone calls and e-mails back and forth: loss of goodwill and a burden on the organization. RAVAS will show how weighing scales built into the forks of an order pick truck help you to realize immediate cost savings by eliminating picking errors.

A novelty on the stand will be RAVAS-SafeLoad: a safety product for forklifts that provides both weight and stability information and acts like an interactive load diagram that warns the lift truck driver in case of unsafe lifting.

Indaver extends its ravas fleet

The Belgian waste management company uses the advanced RAVAS forklift scales for weighing incoming IBC’s that contain liquid waste materials. The weight of the load that the forklifts pick up, is continuously transmitted to a coordinator’s PC, via the company’s WLAN network. From thereon the weight data are processed in their ERP system, for planning, invoicing and reporting.


A number of the UK’s largest building products suppliers now operate forklift trucks equipped with RAVAS-SafeCheck warning devices from RAVAS. This safety device sounds a warning alarm when the load on the forks exceeds a preset limit, assisting the driver in avoiding potentially dangerous overload situations.

SOLAS method #2

SOLAS Method #2, computing VGM container weights, has proven especially attractive to 3PLs that consolidate LCL shipments. Inbound shipments are weighed and registered on the lift truck that offloads them. The ERP calculates container weight when compiling the loading list.

RAVAS SafeLoad

RAVAS-SafeLoad acts as an active load diagram for your forklift truck: it helps you prevent accidents, injuries and damages from tipping forklifts and breaking forks.


In Gates’ DC near Gent, Belgium,  the order pick trucks are fitted with RAVAS weighing forks. The weight terminal  translates the weight increase on the forks into a number of articles picked and shows this number in the display. This helps the...
Waste & recycling
AVAG gets all kinds of waste delivered: metal, electronics equipment, paper and glass. These materials are processed into raw materials and partly sold to the customer. The recycled materials are invoiced by weight. AVAG has the legal obligation...
Heineken Event Services supplies events with equipment and beer. Return shipments of 1,000 liter beer tanks are weighed to determine the amount of beer left in the tanks, since customers are only invoiced for the amount of beer actually consumed...
Logistics & distribution
Menzies World Cargo handles all kinds of air cargo and transports the cargo back and forth to waiting airplanes at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. At the request of the carriers, Menzies weighs all incoming colli. If the actual weight is more than 10...
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Quaker works on demand, there is almost no stock keeping of mixed chemicals. The filling is done using explosion safe weighing pallet trucks. ‘The weighing trucks have proved to be indispensable’, says Ad van der Meij (Supervisor Maintenance)....


ACP supplies 500 to 1,000 boxes of components per day to several well-known lorry manufacturers. In order to prevent incomplete deliveries, all components are counted by scales integrated in the stacker trucks that lift and move the boxes. Thanks...
At FLOS orders consist of huge numbers of a single product. Since FLOS supplies just-in-time, it is of major importance that deliveries are correct. Which is why the components in incoming and outgoing shipments are counted on two hand pallet...
Paint & Coatings
Herberts-RAVAS-RAVAS 2100L EXi
At Herberts expensive circulation systems became obsolete when they changed to explosion proof hand pallet truck scales to mix the paint, moving the scale from one component to the other. Thus they work faster, are more flexible in their...
Van Roessel-RAVAS-RWV-C
Van Roessel Drukwerkers does specialised print jobs for the multimedia market. It sometimes happened that the presses had to be stopped, because paper had run out. Nowadays incomplete deliveries are already signalled while offloading the lorry,...
Express Logistics & Air Freight


DHL Poland was trying to solve a problem in their internal logistics: there was no efficient solution for weighing pallet shipments. Since these “special shipments” could not be accurately invoiced, DHL was missing out on turn over. In the end...